This 4-day immersive, highly experiential training teaches you the three pillars to the Science of Influence - Psychology, Physiology, and Technology.  Through a highly immersive and experiential training, we distill our 3 core spheres – Psychology, Physiology & Technology – behind the science of influence.
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To become a world-class speaker and a leader from the front of the room you must master each of these principles:

Understanding the science of human behavior can help you predict and consciously drive motivation and change within your organization and the audiences to whom you speak.

On stage or in high-stakes situations, we train you or your staff in the physicality of delivering what’s necessary, from pitches to presentations, that increase impact.

The frameworks, systems, and packaging of your information to help more people understand and engage with the knowledge you are sharing. We teach you a specific format to share your messages that fulfill the purpose you intend with your message.

  • embedded commands used to enroll the audience to gain buy-in
  • anchoring techniques to create neuro-associations that enhance and accelerate learning
  • psychological trigger words to evoke emotional and physical responses for decision-making
  • the language of influence that leads to desired outcomes
  • different learning/processing styles to better connect you with ALL audiences
  • what impact frames are and how to create them
  • how to build a powerful context to hold your content

BONUS - 3 Min video - Each participant will deliver a 3-minute presentation at the end of the training. This will be to a live audience and will be recorded and edited for your reel or website.

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